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We love making this podcast! But it's a lot of work! We have so many engineering failures we want to tell you about, but some of them have straightforward causes or limited information. We've created shorter, mini failure episodes to tell these stories. They're like Failurology-lite.

Our mini failure episodes are released on opposite Sunday's from our regular episodes.

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These are all of the Mini Failure episodes we have released to date on our Patreon.

MF 01 Lake Peigneur - It drained into a salt mine in a matter of minutes.

MF 02 Walkie Talkie Building - It can melt a car and fry an egg.

MF 03 CIS Insurance Building - Its mosaic tile fell off for 42 years.

MF 04 Cantara Loop Rail Disaster - A train carrying a dangerous chemical derailed into the Sacramento River along a very challenging section of rail track.

MF 05 - Big Blue Crane Collapse - A crane installing the roof on a stadium in Milwaukee collapsed during high winds.

MF 06 - Knickerbocker Theatre Roof Collapse - After heavy snowfall, the theatre roof collapsed during a silent movie.

MF 07 - Gimli Glider - A plane that ran out of fuel mid flight.

MF 08 - Mars Climate Orbiter - An orbiter that crash landed into Mars.

MF 09 - Cleveland East Ohio Gas Explosion - A poorly constructed tank led to an explosion that encompassed 20 blocks.

MF 10 - Land O Lakes Sinkhole - A sinkhole that ate two house.

MF 11 - Standard Oil Building Chicago - Before opening, the cladding started to fall off of this iconic Chicago building.

MF 12 - Tous Dam

MF 13 - Kankaria Amusement Park Ride Accident

BONUS - Airplane! April Fools Special

MF 14 - Boston Molasses

MF 15 - London Beer Flood

MF 16 - Seattle Kingdome

MF 17 - Minnesota Metrodome

MF 18 - San Francisco Millenium Tower

MF 19 - DOT-105 Rail Car Chlorine Release

MF 20 - Dreamworld's Thunder River Rapids Ride

MF 21 - Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Fire

MF 22 - Johnstown Flood

MF 23 - Ronan Point

MF 24 - Texas Padre Ocean Tower

MF 25 - Gretna Rail Disaster

MF 26 - SS Sultana

MF 27 - Exxon Valdez

MF 28 - Love Canal

MF 29 - Minamata

MF 30 - Bhopal

Coming Soon

MF 31 - Asbestos

MF 32 - PFOA/CA Contamination

MF 33 - Sudbury Effect

MF 34 - Juliana Bridge Crane Collapse