Ep 76 Motorsport Safety Pt 1

Engineering News – NASCAR is Going To The Moon (1:50)

This week's engineering failure is the Motorsport Safety Pt 1 (5:55). In the first episode of this two part series, we discuss early motorsport safety (15:35) and some significant safety upgrades that have been implemented over the years (19.45).


Engineering News

Motorsport Safety

Head and Neck Support (HANS) Device:

Steel and Foam Energy Reducing (SAFER) Barrier:


Episode Summary

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This week in engineering news, Nascar is Going to the Moon.

Now on to this week’s engineering failure; the first of a two part episode on motorsport safety. NASCAR was the inspiration for this episode, but we discuss other forms of racing as well.

Notable Incidents

Early Motorsports Safety

Course Marshals


Fire Resistant Suits

Survival Cell – F1 racing

Window Nets

Roof Flaps

We’re going to pause here and will carry on with motorsport safety in our next episode. So there you have it, Part 1 of our series on motorsport safety. Over the years, we’ve raced some cars, we’ve learned a lot, and we continued to adapt and improve the safety of motorsport.

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