Ep 75 US Interstate Highways

Engineering News – Perseverance Rover Mars Sample (0:50)

This week's engineering failure is the US Interstate Highway System (4:05). After receiving a funding and design boost through the US Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 (14:15), the interstate system was born with a more deliberate layout (18:25) than may seem. Despite it’s success, the interstate system is not without issue (30:40).


Engineering News

US Interstate Highways

Episode Summary

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This week in engineering news, NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover cored and stored the first sample of the mission’s newest science campaign on Thursday, March 30th in the Jezero Crater Delta on Mars.  . 

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Now on to this week’s engineering failure; the US Interstate Highway System!



 Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956

Construction and Layout

 More Numbering


Other Uses

Issues and Future Plans

  So there you have it, the US Interstate Highway System.  A massive undertaking that started with a 62 day trip across America along largely unpaved roads that eventually led to the construction of more than 48, 000 miles of divided highway that crosses the United States and is a vital link in the lives of people, commerce, and military endeavors. 

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