Ep 73 2021 Texas Power Outage

Engineering News – SmartWatches for Dolphins (1:00)

This week's engineering failure is the 2021 Texas Power Outage (6:10). Deregulation (10:30), amongst many other issues led to blackouts (18:25) throughout Texas; having a huge impact on residents (24:05). Despite experiencing similar storms in 1989 & 2011 (30:25), Texas did not learn its lesson. 


Engineering News

2021 Texas Power Outage

Episode Summary

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This week in engineering news, or interesting things we recently read about, Smart Watches for Dolphins.

Now on to this week’s engineering failure; the 2021 Texas Power Outage.



Impact on Residents

1989 and 2011 Events

Going Forward

 So there you have it, the 2021 Texas Power Outage. A lack of interconnection to the East and West grids, money not spent on upgrading electrical infrastructure to deal with winter storms, and conflicting weather models led to a catastrophic electrical shutdown for over 9 million people.  

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