Ep 60 SPECIAL Kicking Horse Spiral Tunnels

Engineering News – Manitou Incline (2:15)

It’s episode 60! This week we’re talking about an engineering marvel, the Kicking Horse Spiral Tunnels (9:40). After looking at multiple locations for the railway across the Canadian Rockies (13:10), engineers landed on a path across the Big Hill (18:10). Due to the steep grade, accidents were unavoidable and the tunnels were built to make the route less steep (22:50). 

Train Passing Through Tunnels



Engineering News

Kicking Horse Spiral Tunnels

Episode Summary

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This week in engineering news, the Manitou Incline in Manitou Springs which is just west of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Now onto this week’s episode; number 60. We’re covering another engineering marvel as we do every tenth episode. We had been planning to work our way through the American Society of Civil Engineers' seven wonders of the modern world. So far from that list we have covered the Channel Tunnel, CN Tower and Panama Canal. Not on that list, we also covered the International Space Station and the James Webb Space Telescope. While we will probably go back to the seven wonders list for episode 70, Brian had a fantastic recommendation for this episode that we couldn’t pass up. Today we’re talking about the spiral tunnels of Kicking Horse Pass

Kicking Horse Pass - Geography

Kicking Horse Pass - Railway

Spiral Tunnels

 So there you have it, the Spiral Tunnels of Kicking Horse Pass. An fantastic engineered solution to the dangerous mountain pass that’s still in use 115 years later. Too bad it’s not used for passenger travel, I would love to ride on this route.

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